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Six Piece Puzzles Volume 1 - Turning Interlocking Cube Puzzles

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This is the first volume of my 6 piece Turning Interlocking Cube (TIC) puzzles. There are 6 puzzles in this set and 6 more in volume 2. Turning Interlocking Cubes will require linear moves (forward, backward, up and down, and side to side) and rotational moves (rotating a piece or pieces around other pieces) to solve.

The are made from a strong white PLA and a mixture of other vibrant PLA colors as shown in the photos.

EnigmaTIC - All 64 possible cubes are filled in this puzzle, and yet the first piece can not be taken out of the solved puzzle in just one move... it is an Enigma. 13 Total Moves, 3 Rotations to fully solve.

ErraTIC - This puzzle requires 12 moves to completely free the first piece from the solved cube.

FanaTIC - 18 Total Moves and 5 Rotations required to solve. This is the only puzzle from this series that has been made widely available in wood by Wood Wonders.

KeyTIC - 21 Total Moves and 10 Moves to completely free the first piece in terms of disassembly.

QuarTIC - 18 Total Moves and 4 odd Rotations to fully solve. I designed this puzzle before I had a computer to help me, and the rotations are slightly different than most of my puzzles.

TacTICian - 18 Total Moves and 3 Rotations to fully solve.

The puzzles are shipped in a disassembled configuration.