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PenTIC - 3D Printed Wood Filament Puzzle

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PenTIC is 3D printed puzzle using 5 premium wood infused filaments.  The resulting colors are very 'earth' tone, not exactly 'wood' looking.  The puzzle is quite a bit larger and much stiffer than my normal prints.  The hope was to bridge a little of the gap between my normal 3D printed puzzles and the very expensive true exotic wood puzzles.  Though these filaments are much more expensive and very difficult to work with, I believe the result is quite good. 

PenTIC is a puzzle which requires 5 moves to free the first piece, 5 total rotations, has 5 pieces and 5 unique filaments.  Do not force any rotations!  The intended solution will rotate easily with no more force than what is required to overcome friction. It will ship disassembled.