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My Favorite Turning Interlocking Cube Series - 3D Printed TIC Puzzles

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These are some of my personal favorite turning interlocking cube (TIC) designs. These designs all require multiple moves to free the first piece from an already assembled state and require very interesting rotations to fully solve. They all have 5 or more pieces, I will have separate listings for my favorite 3 and 4 piece TICs eventually.

The frame pieces are made from a marble colored PLA. The other pieces are made from vibrant PLA colors as shown in the photos.

ElfTIC - Level 11 (number of steps for the first piece), 16 total moves including 3 rotations to solve.
FantasTIC - Level 7, 30 total moves including 5 rotations.
GeneTIC - Level 7, 26 total moves including 6 rotations.
HypnoTIC - Level 4, 17 total moves including 6 rotations.
MysTIC - Level 9, 15 total moves including 3 rotations.
SkepTIC - Level 12, 21 total moves including 6 rotations.

The puzzles are shipped in a disassembled configuration.