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ManiAC Shuffle 2 & 3 - Rotational 3D Printed Packing Puzzles

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2 Packing puzzles in one box! These are 3D printed puzzles I designed, called ManiAC Shuffle 2 and ManiAC Shuffle 3... Why start with 2 and not 1... I unfortunately let someone name this puzzle and that is what they chose... Oh well! These are both part of a series of apparent solid packing puzzles I have named the ARCparent Cube Series. This puzzle contains both sets of pieces for ManiAC Shuffle 2 and ManiAC Shuffle 3 and the ManiAC Shuffle Box.

The goal is to arrange the pieces so that the box appears to be filled with an 'Apparent Solid', i.e. the box is holding a solid object without any gaps showing. The second and third photos show examples.

Rotations are allowed. These are hard puzzles. In my test run, it took experienced puzzlers over 2 hours to figure out ManiAC Shuffle 2. But do not be discouraged if it takes you longer... It just means you got more puzzling bang for your buck!

The puzzles are shipped in a disassembled configuration.