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Download Volume 2 of 3D Printable STL Files for 6 5x5x5 Turning Interlocking Cube Puzzles

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This is a DOWNLOAD for Volume 2 of my more difficult 5x5x5 sized Turning Interlocking Cube designs.  The download includes 3D printable STL files, PuzzleCAD files, and a Burr Tool files showing the pieces but not the solution.  

These designs are a little more difficult than some of my other designs. 

Purchasing this download will provide you with the STL files to 3D print:

MagellanTIC - 6 Pieces, 51 Total moves to solve, and 11 rotations

Six Face - 6 Pieces, 28 Total moves to solve, and 2 rotations

Six Rings 2 - 5 Pieces, 15 Total moves to solve, and 5 rotations

TitanTIC - 7 Pieces, 39 Total moves to solve, and 3 rotations (There may be a simpler solution possible)

Windows - 7 Pieces, 17 Total moves to solve, and 3 rotations

Windows 2 - 6 Pieces, 31 Total moves to solve, and 5 rotations

There are several sets of the files with various inset amounts to account for variability between different printers.

The PuzzleCAD file used to generate each STL is also included, along with a link to where to download PuzzleCAD in the READ_ME file. Using PuzzleCAD allows for these STL files to be generated and then printed without requiring any supports. PuzzleCAD uses a clever joint to connect the parts together to form a solid piece. Also included are the files and PDFs describing how I reinforce the joints for these puzzles when I print them so that the joints are very strong.

If you have any troubles with the files please contact me.