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Download Burr Bot Printable Files And Instructions

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Burr Bot is an award winning burr style sequential discovery style puzzle.  Now you can print and build a copy for yourself.  Included in the download are: PDF build instructions, 3D printable STL files, PuzzleCAD files, and the PDF solution.

The build will still allow you to solve the puzzle.  However, the 'discovery' aspect of the puzzle will be ruined, as you will obviously know where all of the secrets are located.  The goal will still be to find out how to get to these secrets and solve the puzzle.  

You will also need to separately purchase at least 20 6mm by 3mm magnets.  I used these magnets from Amazon:

There are several sets of the files with various inset amounts for the pieces and the joints (in order to account for variability between different printers and different filaments).

Also included is a set of test prints to determine whether you should print the "tight", "regular", or "loose" versions of the puzzle.

The PuzzleCAD file used to generate each STL are also included, along with a link to where to download PuzzleCAD in the 'README' file. 

If you have any troubles with the files please contact me. Please do not share these files.