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Download 3D Printable STL Files for 10 3D Packing Interlocking Cube Puzzles with Marbles

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These are the 3D printable STL files, PuzzleCAD files, and BurrTools files (showing only the pieces) for 10 (+1 FREE) 3D packing interlocking cube designs with marbles and ball bearings that act to "lock" some of the puzzles.  These puzzles will require side-to-side, up-and-down, front-and-back piece movements as well as rotating the puzzle to move the marbles and ball bearings. I generally sell these individually for $5 per design, but this set offers 10+1 FREE for the regular price of 3.

Purchasing this download will provide you with the files to 3D print:

Exolution 1 - 1 Marble (14mm) & 1 Ball Bearing (8mm)
Exolution 2 - 1 Marble (14mm) & 1 Ball Bearing (8mm)
Exolution 3 - 1 Marble (14mm) & 1 Ball Bearing (8mm)
Exolution 4 - 1 Marble (14mm) & 1 Ball Bearing (8mm)
Exolution 5 - 1 Marble (14mm) & 1 Ball Bearing (8mm)

Lift - 2 Marbles (14mm)

Locked Cube 1 - 1 Marble (14mm) & 1 Ball Bearing (8mm)
Locked Cube 2 - 2 Ball Bearings (8mm)
Locked Cube 3 - 3 Ball Bearings (8mm)
Locked Cube 4 - 2 Ball Bearings (8mm)

Orbit (Not Pictured - Included FREE) - 2 Marbles (14mm) - Rotations required

Marbles and Ball Bearings need to be purchased separately to make these puzzles work, The Marbles are 14mm in size.  I use these from Amazon:

The ball bearings are 8mm in size. I use these from Amazon:

There are several sets of the files with various inset amounts for the pieces and the joints (in order to account for variability between different printers and different filaments).

Also included is a set of test prints to determine whether you should print the "tight", "regular", or "loose" versions of the puzzle.

The PuzzleCAD files used to generate each STL are also included, along with a link to where to download PuzzleCAD in the 'README' file. Using PuzzleCAD allows for these STL files to be generated and then printed without requiring any support material. PuzzleCAD uses a clever joint system to connect parts together to form a solid piece. 

If you have any troubles with the files please contact me. Solution files can be provided.