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Chamburr and Cyburr - Turning Interlocking Cubes co-designed by Christoph Lohe and Andrew Crowell

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Chamburr and Cyburr are two of the more difficult puzzles I have available, maybe the most difficult. They were co-designed by Christoph Lohe and myself.

Chamburr has a completely linear solution to remove the first piece, using 43 moves. There is a very tricky rotational shortcut that can be found around 25 moves though, but it is difficult to find. The other 2 pieces can be removed in 8 more steps.

Cyburr requires rotations to remove any of the pieces and the shortest solution found so far is 38 moves for the first piece.

These two puzzles are fairly similar, but they do have different enough solution sequences that I wanted to offer both of them. They will be shipped assembled as I think it would be almost impossible to try to assemble them first, without having disassembled them. Solutions are available upon request.