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Burr Bot - 3D Printed Burr and Sequential Discovery Puzzle

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**Winner of the Jury Honorable Mention at the Nob Yoshigahara IPP 2021 Puzzle Design Competition (

Burr Bot is a mischievous little robot. He has eaten something he shouldn't have. Can you open him up and retrieve what he ate?

As with all robots, he is quite logical and he does not like excessive force, to be shaken, or hit. Be careful he also has magnets and small parts.

Burr Bot is combination of a burr style puzzle (with interlocking pieces that can be moved around) and a sequential discovery puzzle (where tools can be discovered to help you solve the puzzle). He has been printed in Marble, Purple, Yellow, Gray, and Light Blue PLA. He does also include a number of magnets. Good Luck!

**LIMIT of 2 Per Customer. Let me know if you have a reason or desire to buy more before purchasing, otherwise purchases of more than 2 will be REFUNDED**

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