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Burr Bank - 3D Printed Burr and Sequential Discovery Puzzle

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Burr Bank is the second in a series of Hybrid Burr / Sequential Discovery Puzzles.  The first was Burr Bot which won a Jury Honorable Mention at the Nob Yoshigahara IPP 2021 Puzzle Design Competition.  

The objective of the Burr Bank is to find the gold piece.  During the solve you will find multiple tools (some are small, so keep away from children).  There are 26 embedded magnets and over 60 moves required to complete the solve.  The burr portion of the puzzle is a bit more intense than in Burr Bot, but do not fear - just like most of my burr related puzzles, the 4 large burr pieces (blue pieces) can not be removed from the puzzle.  They just move in and out and around a bit, which should help out the non-burr people (like myself).  Lastly, rotations are allowed in this puzzle ;-)

Hope you enjoy the solve!

**LIMIT of 2 Per Customer. Let me know if you have a reason or desire to buy more before purchasing, otherwise purchases of more than 2 will be REFUNDED**