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ARCparent Cube Puzzles - 3D Printed - Rotational 3D Printed Packing Puzzles

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These are 3D printed packing puzzles I designed. They are part of a series of apparent solid packing puzzles, I have named the ARCparent Series.

The goal is to arrange the pieces so that the boxes appear to be filled with an 'Apparent Solid'. The main photo shows examples.

Rotations are allowed for all of these puzzles. Do not be discouraged if these puzzles take longer than an hour to solve... It just means you got more puzzling bang for your buck!


ANGLE CUBE requires 13 moves total to solve. I would rate this as a medium difficulty puzzle.

CORNER CUBE requires 17 moves total. This is a fairly difficult puzzle.

DIAGONAL CUBE requires 21 total moves to solve. This is a difficult puzzle.

EDGE CUBE requires 16 total moves. I would rate this as the easiest of the puzzles, though some may disagree...


They are shipped in a disassembled configuration.