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ARC Lock - 3D Printed Puzzle Lock

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The ARC Lock 3D printed puzzle requires 26 total moves to solve and 15 moves to free the first piece.

This was my first 'lock' design, inspired by the Chris Lohe Locks. However, it took numerous redesigns to stop unintentional rotations from simplifying the solve. I finally settled on this design, which I believe does not have any rotational shortcuts. This is not the most difficult lock by any means at 15 moves for the first piece. What I like about it though is the pattern that the faces of the lock make when assembled, with the square in the middle, and the fact that there are only 5 possible assemblies, of which only 1 is actually solvable. So this puzzle should be solvable without the use of BurrTools or any computer help.

The frame is printed in a Gray PLA and the pieces and shackle have been printed in a brilliant Silk PLA varieties.