Burr Bank!

Burr Bank!

Not sure who will read this, but if you are reading and are interested in Burr Bank, I plan on releasing around 40 copies on Thursday, June 2nd at 5pm EST for $95. 

The release has taken several months longer than anticipated... mostly because I got a bit depressed about the puzzle after building 25 copies.  There are a lot of internal magnets and pieces, and one of the embedded pieces had a bit of a friction problem and could affect the solve.  Knocking on the puzzle could fix it, but it just bothered me and I didn't want to sell the puzzle with that requirement.  I changed up the tolerances and rounded some internal edges and got a much better result... However, that meant that I needed to reprint the first 25 copies and just completely lost motivation.  This puzzle requires more hands on labor than any wooden puzzle I have ever built and redoing the first 25 copies was not something I was looking forward to.  Oh well. I took a month off and finally got back and corrected those copies; and made a few more for the first release.  If there is interest I will keep making them.

Now that I have rambled for a bit, I suppose I can tell you about the puzzle.  It is my second Sequential Discovery / Burr hybrid puzzle.  The objective is to find the gold piece.  During the solve you will find multiple tools (some are small, so keep away from children).  Additionally, there are 26 embedded magnets and over 60 moves required to complete the solve.  The burr portion of the puzzle is a bit more intense than in Burr Bot, but do not fear, just like most of my burr related puzzles, the 4 large burr pieces (blue pieces) can not be removed from the puzzle.  They just move in and out and around a bit, which should help out the non-burr people (like myself).  Next thing to note, rotations are allowed in this puzzle ;-)

Hope you enjoy the solve!

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definitely interested if you make more!

Derek Bosch

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